Thursday, June 23, 2016

Locally Grown...

Grace to you and peace from God the Father through the Lord Jesus Christ!  You may have noticed a new item on our calendar for Wednesday evenings called Locally GrownLocally Grown is a cooperative youth ministry between area churches with the purpose of supplementing existing youth ministries, supporting churches without youth programming, and engaging youth that do not attend church.  The mission of this new ministry is “to create a community where youth are loved for who they are and challenged to be authentic seekers, followers, givers, and leaders through the transformative powers of Jesus Christ.” 
This ministry is currently being financially supported by Midway Presbyterian Church with leadership provided by two of their members, Lee and Sara Busick...our neighbors in the yellow house!  They have already used our fellowship hall for their 3rd meeting together and have plans to use our outdoor space during the summer.  The group open to 6th through 12th graders in Midway and surrounding areas, starts at the Presbyterian Church beginning at 7:00 pm and then walks to different churches and public spaces in Midway.
We have the opportunity to connect with Locally Grown youth  through the gift of our presence, prayers, and through the purchase of a t-shirt.  The money raised from adult t-shirt sales guarantees that every participating youth receives a free t-shirt and also helps support programming costs.  All adult volunteers will be going through our Safe Sanctuary Training at a date yet to be announced.  Please be in prayer as to whether this is a ministry to which God is calling you.  For more information, please see full program details at:
Pastor Judy

Fanning the flames...

There has been a spark kindling here for a long time, and I can feel the Holy Spirit beginning to fan it into a flame!  There is such a thing as controlled fires...a fire that is purposely lit to avoid a catastrophic fire from a mismanaged bonfire, lightning strike, or carelessly tossed cigarette butt.  Well managed fires have a purpose.  Not only do they prevent untold damage and destruction, but they burn underbrush that stunts the growth of hardwoods and even help release seeds from some trees and plants.  
That’s the job of the Holy Spirit in the manage the flames so that the fire releases seeds for new growth! The best way to begin to fan the flames is on our knees in heartfelt prayer. On the back of this page, I’ve listed other ways we can begin to fan that spark into a fire that will give glory to God and reach out to disconnected, disenfranchised people in each of our communities and especially, in Midway.
A called community committed to following Jesus with a passion to love God and love others will begin to burn brightly with flames that will eventually touch everything around them!  Long dormant seeds will begin to sprout and new growth will be inevitable.  We will become a controlled fire fanned by the winds of the Spirit...a fire that burns with purpose!